Welcome to CMS PRO Install Wizard

1. Server Configuration

If any of these items are highlighted in red then please take actions to correct them. Failure to do so could lead to your installation not functioning correctly.

PHP Settings Current Settings Required Settings Status
PHP Version: 8.3.6 8.2+ Good
Register Globals: Off Off Good
Magic Quotes GPC: Off Off Good
File Uploads: On On Good
Session Auto Start: Off Off Good

2. Server Extensions

These settings are recommended for PHP in order to ensure full compatibility with CMS PRO. However, CMS PRO will still operate if your settings do not quite match the recommended.

Extension Current Settings Required Settings Status
PDO: On On Good
GD: On On Good
Mb String: On On Good
Intl: On On Good
Zlib: On On Good
cURL: On On Good
ZIP: On On Good

3. Directory & File Permissions

In order for CMS PRO to function correctly it needs to be able to access or write to certain files or directories. If you see "Unwriteable" you need to change the permissions on the file or directory to allow CMS PRO to write to it.